Medical Device Daily: Product Briefs - PnuemRx, Inc.

February 26, 2013 - Medical Device Daily

PneumRx (Mountain View, California) said the first U.S. patients were treated with PneumRx’s Lung Volume Reduction Coils (LVRCs) for severe emphysema. The RePneu LVRC, a minimally invasive medical implant designed to treat the symptoms of severe emphysema, is intended to improve lung function, exercise ability and quality of life for this underserved patient population. Although the LVRC is undergoing clinical evaluation in the U.S., it has been used in Europe since 2008. Unlike LVRC surgery or other minimally invasive devices designed to treat emphysema, the RePneu LVRC is intended to treat a broad range of emphysema patients, including those with heterogeneous and homogeneous disease, in both upper and lower lobes, and it performs independently of collateral ventilation, a common condition in emphysema patients. The RePneu LVRC works by compressing the hyperinfl ated lung tissue to reduce volume, while helping to restore the lung’s natural elastic recoil. The LVRC also helps hold open the lung’s airways, preventing airway collapse that causes air trapping and hyperinflation.